Native Orchid Conference



Smithsonian Environmental

Research Center (SERC)

Edgewater, MD

 July 26-30, 2018

Schedule of events:

Thursday July 26 - Welcome Reception & Registration      Friday July 27 - Presentations

Saturday July 28 - Field Trips

Sunday July 29 - Presentations

Monday July 30 - Field Trips

​Field trips will be to Delaware and the eastern shore of Maryland and the hills and mountains in Maryland to the west Plus some local sites at SERC

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Native Orchid Conference, Inc., P O Box 2047, Boone, NC 28607 USA
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Annual Conference


The NOC annual conference is the highlight of the year for many native orchid enthusiasts. This four day event was initiated in 2002 in North Carolina and has been held every year since.  Other venues have included: Alberta, California, Delaware, Florida, Manitoba, Minnesota, Ontario, Oregon, South Carolina, West Virginia and Wisconsin. 
A typical conference includes two days of lectures by well-known individuals who are highly respected in their field.  An overview of the history, culture, geology and natural history of the venue is included.  In addition, research topics, travelogues, conservation reports, taxonomic changes and other related subjects add to the interesting lecture line-up.  There are also two days of field-trips to nearby sites which have been staked-out by local NOC volunteers and students.  It is normal to see between ten and twenty species of orchids.  The conference is timed to coincide with peak bloom times so most of the plants are in flower.  Photography opportunities abound.

A most enjoyable feature of the conference is the chance to socialize with old friends as well as the opportunity to make new ones.  Many lasting friendships and professional relationships began at the annual conference.