Native Orchid Conference

Native Orchid Conference, Inc., P O Box 2047, Boone, NC 28607 USA
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                    Cleistes bifaria

                Corallorhiza maculata

                       Eulophia alta

The purpose of the Native Orchid Conference is to foster the study, conservation and

enjoyment of the native orchids of the United States and Canada. Membership is open to anyone who is interested in wild orchids. Members have a wide range of experience and include both scientists and hobbyists. The NOC as well as its individual members participate in numerous scientific, educational and conservation efforts across the continent. In addition, our Fred Case Grant Fund offers support for research projects related to native orchid conservation. Hundreds enjoy the free on-line forum and many attend the annual symposiums. Paid membership includes the NOC Journal, an impressive periodic publication that features a wide range of related articles. Many new friendships and professional relationships have resulted from participation in the NOC. Please explore this website. We hope you will be inspired to contact us and then join our group as we continue to enjoy the wonderful world of native orchids.

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Native Orchid Conference